Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Flag has an Anchor (Happy 4th of July)

When we purchased Sea Gem, a U.S. flag flew from our rigging; however, about a year ago, we took it down because the colors had faded and the material had become quite tattered (and it is my understanding that flying a flag in such a state is a major flag offense). Most boaters fly the flag of their country, and because we always enjoy seeing where our neighbors hail from, we recently decided to buy a new flag, so we could join in the fun. Coincidentally, it arrived just in time for the 4th of July and flies high above Sea Gem:

New Flag
Our new flag has a nautical theme. Instead of 50 stars, it is embroidered with an anchor surrounded by 13 stars:

Stars, Stripes, and Anchor
In addition to where our new flag hangs, Sea Gem has a spot in the aft cockpit for a much larger, traditional flag to fly. We rarely put our large flag out back, but in honor of the 4th, we decided to get into the holiday spirit and display it proudly:

Aft-cockpit Glory
On the evening of the 4th, we enjoyed two spectacular firework displays from the comfort of our deck:

After the fireworks were over and the smoke had cleared, we discovered that the large flag we had displayed in our aft-cockpit was missing! Presumable, it was whisked away by the wind and now rests at the bottom of the marina (which I imagine is a horrendous flag offense!). Looks like we're in the market for yet another U.S. flag.

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