Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mixed Feelings

Overall, we are very excited about our upcoming move. However, unlike our last move, much more than our view will be changing. We are going to be in an entirely different area of the city--one that is the cultural opposite of where we currently reside (which is kind of the whole point). If you haven't been to Miami (or if you have, but haven't venture beyond the beach), when someone says "Miami," you likely think of South Beach. And in reality, South Beach is pretty much exactly how it is portrayed in movies and on TV (the rest of Miami is much different than what you might think). South Beach is extremely flashy. Since moving here, I can't remember a day that has passed in which I didn't see at least one Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin. And I'm not talking about seeing one of these 6 cars each day. I'm saying that I see at least one of each of these cars, every single day. Modest people drive lesser cars, like Mercedes, BMWs, Teslas, and Porsches. And let's just say that no one is driving the base-model of any of the cars mentioned. (For the record, I drive a base-model Mazda). This is a typical sight in our parking garage (And yes, that is a chrome Bentley. There is also a chrome Lamborghini in the neighborhood.):

Not My Ride
Despite all of the excess, I think the culture of South Beach is fun to observe and fine to be around, but that is only because I don't aspire to be a part of it. If I were, however, a--oh I don't know-- young child, I might not feel so indifferent. I worry that Helina will look around at her surroundings, see how everyone is living, and think that it is normal (because around here, it is fairly normal). It just isn't a perspective I want her to have. Too bad, because how cool would it be to tell everyone you grew up on South Beach?!

The excessive nature of South Beach extends beyond just cars--but not in a bad way. Among other things, there is excessive sun, excessive ocean breezes, excessive sand and surf, and excessively beautiful Art Deco architecture. This is just blocks away from where we're docked:

South Beach
Despite all of the loveliness described above, the best part of our current location was our proximity to a yummy bagel shop. I say "was" because it just closed (carbohydrates and South Beach don't pair well). Well, as soon as we realized our bagel haunt was no more, Eric and I suddenly felt little desire to live in our current location. With our bellies full of bagels, we were happy to overlook all of the flaws of our neighborhood (traffic, flooding, crazy drivers, general rudeness, honking horns, flashiness, etc.). But, with our carb-goggles off, we are seeing things clearly, and we know it is time to move.  

Where we're going is much more family friendly, but we won't be around the corner from a gorgeous beach that extends for miles. We will, however, be around the corner from multiple parks, a library, boutiques, and dozens of casual restaurants. The atmosphere of our new neighborhood is much more laid back than where we currently live, which is exactly what we are looking for at this stage of our lives (plus, our 2nd favorite bagel shop will be close by). 

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