Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lesson Learned

Remember when I alluded to an upcoming sailing adventure? Then remember when I said we were having second thoughts about going? Well, we didn't go. As we got closer to the date of departure, we decided that a long trip (with just Eric and I manning the boat) wasn't a good idea. Helina was battling yet another cold, and we were worried we'd be in for a repeat of our last overnight sail.

So, instead of setting sail, we hit the road and headed north. Before we moved to Miami, when we said we were heading "north," we meant we were going to northern Michigan, Maine, or Canada. Now, "north" refers to anything north of Miami-Dade County. The destination of this particular northern journey was St. Augustine.

Highlights from the trip included getting to spend the afternoon with Sea Gem's previous and original owners,  walking the grounds of the beautiful Flagler College (Helina's first official college visit), exploring the Castillo de San Marcos, and watching Helina's first encounter with a house-size toilet (she thought it was a drum).

St. Augustine 
Low points of the trip included Helina refusing to sleep in her crib, me having a touch of food poising, and us heading back to Miami a few days early because being on vacation wasn't relaxing. Upon returning home, we plopped Helina in daycare, and enjoyed a mini staycation on the boat. It was nice.

Our vacation (and staycation) gave us many happy memories, but it also taught us a valuable lesson: vacationing on land with a baby is just as stressful as sailing with one, therefore, it is best to just go sailing.

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