Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Touch of Class

When I was a little girl, I had two dreams—to have a home with at least one large crystal chandelier and to inherit my parents’ collection of crystal drinking glasses (what fulfilling dreams, I know). To date, I have been unable to identify a suitable chandelier for the boat (and believe me, I have tried); however, I am happy to report that the other of my two dreams has been realized. The crystal drinking glasses that I ogled as a child are now in my charge for the next several decades.

As a child, I loved these glasses—mostly because we shared the same name (although not the same spelling). The cut of the crystal is “Christine.”
Given our space limitations, Eric and I don’t make a habit of owning impractical items. Uni-taskers are all but forbidden aboard Sea Gem (although we do own a kiwi peeler—eek!), as are non-space-savers. To say that we were not in the market for an entire collection of fragile drinking glasses (water goblets, wine glasses, and Champaign glasses) would be an understatement. That being said, I knew these glasses would one day be mine, and I was prepared for their arrival.

This past weekend, my parents hand-delivered the set to me, and wouldn’t you know, they fit perfectly aboard Sea Gem:

I think poor Eric was a bit overwhelmed by just how many glasses were in the set (the above image only shows half of the collection), but as I explained to him, he was getting to live out his boyhood dream of living on a boat, so now it was time for me to live out my girlhood dream of sipping from these glasses. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor the gloom of Eric was going to keep me from fulfilling my crystal-owning destiny. 
When Eric expressed his concern over the number of Champagne glasses that had made their way aboard, my parents were quick to point out that the Champagne glasses also doubled as ice cream dishes, which meant they didn't fall into the dreaded category of uni-tasker (and we do eat a lot of ice cream aboard Sea Gem).
Begrudgingly, Eric eventually conceded, and has since admitted that the set looks rather handsome aboard. 
So this is quite the upgrade from our current set of wine glasses. Now, I just need to keep Helina away from them.

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