Sunday, June 23, 2013

We've Got a Climber!

When you think about the stages of baby development (or at least when I do--or did, rather), milestones like rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking all come to mind. However, a stage that I was not anticipating, nor was I aware of, is the climbing stage. All I've heard since having a baby was "Just wait until she starts crawling" or "It all changes once they are up and walking." I don't recall anyone saying "Just wait until she climbs all over everything like some sort of crazed mountain goat with no sense of boundaries." Although we received no forewarning about this stage of development, which happens sometime between crawling and walking, Eric and I are now well acquainted with the climbing stage.

And...She's Up!
Helina has found her inner monkey and has turned the boat into her own personal jungle gym. It is actually quite funny to watch. She is a very strong and extremely determined little thing!

Climbing Her Way to the Top
Her main motivator to climb? Tiny buttons. In the picture above she is heading toward our Sirius radio, which she is obsessed with (it has glowing blue buttons), and below is a picture of her making her way to our stereo (which has even more glowing blue buttons):

Although Helina isn't walking just yet, she is most certainly mobile. I'm sure that in no time at all, she'll be hanging from the ceiling and climbing the mast.

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