Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Return Home (Day 3 Recap)

Although Helina did fairly well on the sail down to The Keys, the sail back was a different story. The day started out well enough. We plopped Helina in her highchair, fed her breakfast, then pulled up the anchor to head back to Miami. Almost immediately, Helina became upset. She refused to play with her toys and demanded to be let out of her highchair. Our normally cheery babe was distraught.

Sad Sailor
This type of behavior is not the norm for Helina, and we knew what was wrong. She slept poorly the night before and as a result, was overtired. On top of all of this, she also had an awful cold (which was the root cause of her restless night).

I knew Helina was extremely tired and just needed to rest, but putting her in her crib was not an option--she was completely inconsolable. So, I held her, and eventually, she fell asleep in my arms.

Poor Baby :(
This type of behavior (the one in the picture directly above), is also not the norm for Helina. She is usually not interested in napping in people's arms. She is a good sleeper, who prefers the comfort of a bed (well, crib), like the rest of us. The fact that she only wanted to be held by her mother is a clear indicator that she was truly miserable.

As much as I love holding my little baby in my arms, sailing with a baby tethered to you is not ideal. I felt like I spent the majority of the return sail home in the position pictured above. It may look peaceful, but I can assure you, the trip back was quite stressful and down right unenjoyable--for Helina in particular. 

Hours later, as we approached our marina, I put Helina down for a nap in her crib, so I could help dock. Surprisingly, she feel asleep long enough for us to bring the boat in and get settled back in our slip.

As I alluded to in a previous post, we're planning to go on a much longer sail in a few weeks; however, if our recent trip is any indication of how future trips may unfold, it may be awhile before we brave the seas and head out for another overnight sail. 

Tentatively, the trip is still on, but we also have a plan B just in case. If Helina is cold-free on our scheduled departure date, we'll likely go through with the trip, but if there is so much a sniffle in sight, we aren't going to risk it--for both her sake and ours.

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