Monday, June 24, 2013

The Inevitable Goodbye

Since moving aboard Sea Gem, we knew the day would come when we'd need to get a new washer/dryer. The on-board Comb-o-matic that Sea Gem came equipped with was as old as the boat (26 years), so it was only a matter of time before it spun its last cycle. And, given the vast amount of laundry we now do thanks to our babe, that day is now upon us. Our well-used Comb-o-matic is no more. We considered repairing the unit, as opposed to buying a new one, but unfortunately, they stopped making parts for our particular model back when I was a teenager, so replacing it was our only option.

Of course, before a new machine could be installed, the broken one needed to be removed from the boat. Eric and I have, for a long time, suspected that the our boat was constructed around the Comb-o-matic, and this suspicion was reaffirmed as we hauled it out of the boat.

The passageway that leads to the Comb-o-matic is just a hair wider than the unit itself, as is the hatch leading in and out of the boat. In addition to the spacial logistics of removing the machine, we also needed to contend with its weight. Our old Comb-o-matic is insanely heavy. This is because it contains concrete. Yes, concrete. I was not aware that appliances contained concrete; however, after finding out that ours did, I immediately understood why it was so freakishly heavy and loud. 

So, a bit of disassembling was required in order to make the task of removing our old machine a bit easier:

Bit by bit, the machine was taken apart...

...and hauled off to the dumpster:

Farewell, old friend
Our "laundry room" now sits empty, awaiting the arrival of the new appliance:

Will the new Comb-o-matico fit in the old machine's spot? We are 99% sure that it will, but installing it will be a challenge. Getting the new unit onto the boat, down the hatch, through the passageway, and into the space is going to require a bit of brawn because, unlike removing the old Comb-o-matic, we can't dismantle the new one. Thankfully, we have friends visiting around the time when our new Comb-o-matic arrives, which means they'll be able to join in the fun of helping us install our new machine. 

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