Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heavy Lifting

Thank goodness we got the old washer/dryer off of the boat when we did because, immediately following its exit, our new machine--the Splendide 2100XC (the XC stands for extra capacity!)--arrived...about 3 weeks earlier than expected! Originally, we had intended to force ask our visiting friends to help us bring the washer/dryer on board, but since the box was delivered much earlier than their visit, we needed to get the new washer/dryer onto the boat by ourselves.

Moving the new machine onto the boat was nerve wracking. The box containing the new washer/dryer was heavy, the gap between our dock and the boat was wide, and the water underneath was deep:

Point A to Point B
Eric and I knew that we only had one option for moving our splendid little Splendide onto the boat--we needed to hoist it (just like how we get our dinghy on and off the boat). To make things a bit easier, we removed the machine from its box. Then, Eric rigged a bridle to cradle the washer/dryer, and we attached it to a halyard (a long rope with a hook that is attached to a winch):

Ready for Liftoff
I don't have a picture of us lifting the machine aboard because I was forbidden from taking pictures during the process (we've gone through three cameras in the last 4.5 years and I am responsible for destroying each one them). My job was to hoist the washer/dryer (with the use of a winch) and Eric's job was to safely guide the machine from the dock onto the boat and into the cockpit (without having it fall into the water or smash into our boat).

Our teamwork paid off. Soon, the washer/dryer was in the cockpit:

Phase 1 Complete
Next, we needed to get it inside the boat via the hatch. Unfortunately, this thing weighs a ton (148 lbs to be exact) and because it is an enormous, smooth-sided box with no handles, it isn't exactly easy to lift. Thankfully, we're on a boat, so there is usually a halyard in the vicinity to help us hoist objects. Eric dropped one down our cockpit's hatch/sunroof and attached it to the bridle:

Preparing for Phase 2
As was the case before, I don't have any action shots of us bringing the machine inside, as I was once again on-deck, camera-less, working the winch; however, Eric was able to guide it down the companionway ladder and into our salon, as evident by this picture of the washer/dryer in our main salon: 

Phase 2 Complete
Moving it from this spot in the salon to its designated space requires heavy lifting. As such, Eric thought it would be a good idea if we left the washer/dryer in the middle of our salon until our friends visited in a few weeks (so they could help us move it to its final location). He said it would be like having an extra coffee table.

Turns out he was right. Who knew we needed a table at the base of our companionway ladder. It was the perfect spot for putting our mail. Sadly, Helina kept sticking her hand in the open vent and tinkering with its parts, so we thought perhaps we should get it out of the way. Once again, our friends' visit couldn't wait--we had to do it on our own. More on that later...

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