Friday, May 3, 2013

The Return of the Mystery Foam

We previously wrote about a little water problem--how, instead of clean water, foamy and fizzy water flowed from our tap.  Really, more than a little problem.  The problem, it appeared was our water hose.  Apparently, they build up algae and break down, causing the water to turn to foam.  And so we bought and new hose and fixed the problem.  So we thought.

A few months later, the foam returned.  We were expected the hose to last at least 6 months, but so it goes on a boat.  And so we bought a new water hose yet again.

Then, the foam returned only one month after buying the new hose.  The hose, admittedly, was cheap, so we assumed (hoped?) it was just a cheap hose.  And we bought another hose--our third hose in less than 6 months--and this time, we bought a good hose.  Indeed, we bought the best hose we could find, a one hundred dollar water hose.  Surely, this super hose would fix the problem!

It did not.  A couple weeks after installing the super hose, the foam returned.  Clearly, the hose was not the culprit.  But what was?  It couldn't be the hoses inside the boat, we reasoned, because we did not have foam when running off the tank, which runs through the same hoses inside the boat as when we are hooked up to the dock.  It had to be something to do with our connection to the dock...but what?

As it turns out, there is a single, 4-foot piece of water hose inside the boat that water flows through only when we are connected to the dock and not when you are using our water tanks.  As it turns out, that is the only piece of hose in the entire boat that had not been recently replaced when we bought the boat.  It was in a size they don't make anymore and it looked, well...crusty.

Old crusty water hose
And so I got to work removed the old hose and installing the new one.

Removing the old hose.
The new hose is larger in diameter, which should reduce the pressure in the hose, and is overall nice and clean. 

New, clean water hose.
Installing the new hose involved a fair amount of acrobatics, but it overall went as planned.

The result?  No foam.  Have I fixed the problem for good?  I haven't a clue.

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