Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Captain is 10 Months Old!

Nine months seems to have marked the point at which Helina decided she was no longer willing to pose wearing (or sitting upon) the commander's hat. At least last month, I was able to get a few cute(ish) photos, but not this month. At ten months old, the mighty captain made her authority and feelings known to her crew when she flexed her muscles and ripped the hat from her head.

Hats Off
With the hat out of the picture (literally), Helina was happy to produce a smile:

Happy Babe
Helina's head is the perfect size and shape for pulling off hats (figuratively, of course), but for the time being, she seems unwilling to sport them. Perhaps 11 months will prove to be the magical age when Helina once again enjoys accessorizing.

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