Sunday, May 5, 2013


I've attempted to play peekaboo with Helina many times, but she never seemed that interested in the game. She'd humor me at times by laughing here and there, but I could tell she was secretly offended at my attempt to trick her into thinking I had disappeared when clearly I was only hiding my face.

Last night, however, as we sat in the cockpit, Helina and I stumbled into a game of peekaboo.

Most evenings, we head to the cockpit and let Helina burn off any extra energy she has, so she is nice and tired for bed. Usually this involves her pounding on our cockpit coaming (the thing her left hand is on top of in the picture below) and shouting--what I like to pretend are obscenities--towards the sky:

Helina, The Great Miami Orator
The other night, however, instead of providing her usual evening commentary, Helina quietly leaned forward, gazed to her right...

What's this?
...curiously peered around the frame of our bimini...

Curious Baby
...and discovered her mother looking back at her from the other side! The look on her face was priceless:

Peekaboo! I see you!
After meeting her gaze, I quickly bobbed my head back into the cockpit. Helina followed suit. Then, while giggling, she poked her head back around the frame, as if to verify I was no longer on the other side, only to find I had reemerged! She squealed! An intense game of peekaboo ensued, and a new element to our evening routine was added.

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