Friday, May 31, 2013

Paranoia Part 1

The line between preparedness and paranoia is fine, and I walk it well and often. Although we normally keep our boat securely locked in the evening hours (and most all other times), sometimes when we're at anchor--away form land and other people--we leave our hatches open (but screened in), including the companionway and the back door (leading to/from the master stateroom and the aft-cockpit).

Normally, I'm OK with this set-up, but given that we now have a baby on-board, I am, of course,  paranoid that someone would somehow board our boat (although this in and of itself would prove extremely difficult, if not impossible without our ladders down). Logically, I know this scenario is nearly implausible, but regardless, during our most recent overnight trip, I felt the need to beef up our existing security.

So, I booby trapped the boat...with Nespresso pods.

While it is true that Nespresso pods are harmless (although Nespresso withdrawal can be quite vicious), my booby trap wasn't meant to cause injury. You see, I'm not worried about what to do if an unwelcome visitor were to enter our boat (we have lots of tricks up our sleeves, which are much more dangerous than these pods). What I worry about is not hearing an intruder enter in the first place. My booby trap wasn't so much a trap as it was a delightfully beautiful looking alarm.

As you can see in the picture above, I placed the pods in such a way that stepping on one would be unavoidable if you didn't know they were there. Inevitably, the intruder would come into contact with at least one pod, which would set off a chain reaction, causing multiple pods to cascade loudly down the ladder, and wake us from our slumber.

After I laid my trap, Eric turned to me and discouragingly said, "You know, it is much more likely that we'd need to escape from the boat than it is that someone would enter it, right?"

As it turned out, Eric was right.

To be continued...

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