Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cockpit Saavy

Sea Gem's main cockpit serves as a second living room (of sorts) for our family. Even when we aren't sailing, we spend a good amount of time in it lounging, playing, reading, working, talking, napping, and eating.

Much like the rest of our boat, the main cockpit also contains a lot of non-toys that Helina enjoys playing with. However, unlike the non-toys located down below that, if tampered with, could spell disaster, the non-toys in the cockpit are usually turned off (thanks to our control panel). This means that Helina can touch and play with just about anything in the cockpit without me worrying that she is going to sink the boat or cause vast amounts of destruction. Since before Helina could support her body, the cockpit has served as her playpen and she has had free reign to play with whatever she desired.

The metal bars guarding the buttons that control our sails were used as a teething ring when her first teeth appeared:

Avant-garde Teething (7 months)
The lines were perfect for tiny hands to grab and tug:

Learning the Ropes (7 months)
And the cockpits' endless supply of latches have intrigued Helina for quite some time:

Fun with Hardware (8 months)
Inspecting the Hardware (9 months)
At 10-months old, Helina is now quite comfortable and well-versed in all things cockpit:

Helina at the Helm
Unfortunately, when we go for our sail this weekend, Helina's playland will be "turned on," and all of the cockpits' non-toys, which now lay dormant, will be connected to power. Touching lines and pushing buttons while they are "live" could result in trouble. Teaching Helina that she could play with everything in the cockpit probably wasn't good parenting on my part, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. How will she fare in her soon-to-be off-limits playland? We shall find out...

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