Wednesday, May 22, 2013

But What About Sailing?

When people discover we live on a boat, they usually have a lot of questions for us. To feed their curiosity, Eric and I often direct them to our blog, since many of our posts are about frequently asked questions. That being said, the answer to one of the questions we are most frequently asked--"How often do you go sailing?"-- is one you'd have trouble determining based solely on the content of our blog. That's because despite the fact that we have a blog about living on sailboat, we don't often write posts about sailing. While this fact might lead one to conclude that we don't do a whole lot of sailing, that isn't actually the case. Pre-baby, we went sailing about every two weeks. Post-baby, we go sailing about once every 4-5 weeks.

Usually, when we take the boat out, we are on the water for a good chunk of the day--somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. However, whenever we get the chance, we like to go on an overnight journey. Unfortunately, since both Eric and I work full-time jobs, there aren't a whole lot of opportunities to go sailing for days at a time.

Thankfully, we've have a long weekend coming up--Memorial Day! And just like last year, we're taking full advantage of the holiday by sailing to The Keys.

Technically, this won't be Helina's first sail to The Keys. She was with us last year when we went, too:

Barefoot & Pregnant in the Cockpit
However, this will be her first overnight sail that she experiences from outside of the womb.

I'm both excited and nervous to see how Helina does. At 10 months old, our little babe is now extremely active (and quite opinionated), and I'm not exactly sure how she's going to react to being trapped on a boat for 3 days. Granted, we'll be able to go ashore at some point (pending any dinghy/prop malfunctions, of course), but for the most part, we'll be lounging off-shore aboard Sea Gem.

Eric and I are very curious to see how Helina does on her first multi-day trip because, soon, we'll be taking a much longer one! More on that later...

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  1. Hi,I love your post. I'd like to add. I sail small boats which can sail with only four inches of the boat in the water so we encounter some strange conditions in that respect. During our race we also found that the crew weight was not needed on the trapeze off the side of the boat but off the rear cross-beam due to the point of sail and heavy wind and sea conditions (a reach with twenty to twenty two knots of wind and four to six foot seas).thanks all!