Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Missed Opportunity to Celebrate

We just passed our 2-year blog anniversary (May 4th) and we totally forgot about it! Well, sort of. At the end of April, we recognized that it was coming and noted that we should do a post about it, but then we didn't. On the day of our blog anniversary, we were busy upping our boat's exterior safety and then we went to Key Largo for the day, so our minds were elsewhere.

The OCD portion of my brain is quite upset about the whole thing. You see, I love it when things work out perfectly. I don't mean perfectly as in a Hollywood ending (although, in general, I have no objection to those); but perfectly as in I determine that there should be a connection between two unrelated things and then feel happy if/when they come together (and when they do come together, it is usually because I spent a significant amount of time orchestrating their pairing). An example of my version of "perfect" would be last year when our 1-year anniversary coincided with our 100th post. Although 365 days and the number 100 have no direct mathematical connection, in my head, they did, and it was perfect. An example of something I would term "not perfect" would be when, at a gas station, you top off in order to make the total some nice "perfect" number, but accidentally end up with a number that is horribly unbalanced, like $55.56. (And the possibility of this negative outcome is the precise reason why I no longer top off, in addition to it being unsafe, of course.)

So, we are a few days late for our anniversary and a few posts short of 200, but there is always next year... (fingers crossed for 300 posts at 3 years).

Thank you for reading our blog!

Thanks from aboard Sea Gem!

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