Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sunset Years

We are loving our new neighborhood! We're only one pier away from where we used to dock our boat, and yet, the water has never been bluer.

The only true downside is that the sunsets aren't quite as nice. I know, I know--how are we managing?!

This was the (often spectacular) view from our previous slip, which we enjoyed for almost 2 years:

It was nice.

At our old slip, we were docked on the north-side of the pier, which meant we had a beautiful water view when looking west toward the sunset. At our new slip, we are docked on the south-side of the pier, so when we look toward the setting sun, we see a line of boats docked along the north-side of the pier. This is our new view:

As you can see, it's not quite the same. 

While this not-as-magnificent-sunset situation has none of the makings of a Greek tragedy--I'm not going to lie--I was a bit bummed to discover my sunset-picture-taking hobby might require that I actually leave our boat to find a picture-perfect view. 

The other day, however, it was rather dark and stormy, which set the stage for a beautiful sunset--one that I was determined to capture. As evening fell, I channeled my inner paparazzi and ran around our pier trying to catch an unobstructed glimpse (and snap a Facebook-worthy photo) of the setting sun. I wasn't having much luck until, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Eric perched high atop Sea Gem:

He seemed to be relaxed and enjoying himself (probably because I wasn't next to him compulsively snapping photos of the sun), so I decided to join him. And wouldn't you know, he had the best seat in the house (so to speak):

View from the Top
From on top of our bimini, we had a beautiful view of the sky and could even see part of the city. So now, instead of me shooting photos of the sunset from our cockpit, Eric and I put Helina to bed and head up to the top of our boat to watch the sun go down.

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