Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Captain is 9 Months!

Each month since Helina's birth, I've taken a picture of her sitting in (or wearing) my Dad's old Commander's hat. It is a very boat-appropriate way to visualize how much she has grown in one month's time. 

Here is her 9-month hat picture:

9 Months!
This month's photo shoot proved challenging (the sun was too bright, the wind too windy, etc.), and in the end, there wasn't a clear winner in terms of which image would serve as Helina's 9-month picture.

Usually, these monthly hat photos are easy to take--I plop Helina in the hat, coax a smile, then take a picture. The whole thing takes maybe 4 minutes. The only time-consuming part happens after the photos are taken, when I sit for hours compulsively Photoshopping the chosen image, so that the background is solid navy blue (she is actually sitting on a blue folding chair in the cockpit).

This month, however, we struggled to get a winner (and what I ended up with really isn't a true winner--more like what you're left with when the actually winner and first runner-up drop out).

Here are some of the outtakes:

Angelically Aloof 
Mad Hatter
Not-So-Idle Hands
Wind Blown
Smiling Sailor...finally
Although Helina's beautiful personality can be seen in each photo, for this month, the hat proved more interesting than smiling for the camera.

Hopefully we'll have better luck next month. If not, I have no doubt we'll have some funny outtakes to share.

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