Friday, April 26, 2013

Splish Splash (Bathtub Update)

Not long ago, I explained how we bathe Helina on board. You can read my previous post for more specifics, but in a nutshell, we hose her down while she sits in a very shallow pool of water at the base of our shower. I suppose our bathing technique could be referred to as a baby shower.

In theory, my idea to create a tub in the base of our shower was a good one, but it never seemed to work in practice. The silicone trivet I used to cover the drain always allowed water to escape (because it was a trivet and not a drain cover), so the tub never filled with water. Oftentimes, I would actually get into the "tub" with Helina and sit on the drain, which would allow for more water to fill the bottom of the shower. While this helped create more of an authentic bathtub feel (in terms of water depth), having a grown adult sit in a tiny tub with a baby isn't exactly a winning combination for creating a soothing bath-time experience (not to mention it looked absolutely ridiculous).

So that Helina could experience the joys of bath time (sans her mother), I came up with the brilliant idea to buy an actual drain cover! I have to admit, I wasn't completely confident that the new drain stopper was going to work. After all it looks suspiciously similar to the silicon trivet that I was already using (poorly).

The right tool for the job: OXO Tub Drain Stopper
However, unlike both the the silicon trivet and my bottom, the drain stopper produces a water-tight seal when submerged in water. (Come to think of it, my bottom probably does create an water-tight seal when submerged in water, but not in a way that applies to this scenario.)

With the new drain stopper in place, the base of our shower can now be transformed into the glorious bathtub I originally envisioned:

Helina LOVES taking a bath in our shower. It just might be her new favorite thing. And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm a bit hurt that my presence in the tub doesn't seem to be missed. In fact, my absence appears to be celebrated!

So lesson learned: trivets and tushes do not a drain cover make.

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