Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Magic Wand

It has never been my intention to dress my daughter in princess attire (my intention is to dress her in nautical attire). Babies soil their pants, stew in their own filth, and shove all sorts of disgusting things in their mouths--not exactly princess behavior (at least not modern-day princess behavior), so I don't feel obligated to dress her as such. That being said, a few tutus and princess-themed gifts have made their way aboard Sea Gem, but for the most part, Eric and I have done a good job at keeping Sea Gem free of princess paraphernalia.

Yesterday, however, I discovered that Eric and I had made a glaring oversight in our princess suppression efforts, and now Helina has a fairy princess wand that she loves to wield high overhead. Here is my sea princess's scepter:

Sea Scepter
This most magical wand is located conveniently next to Helina's other favorite toy, the control lever for our engine room fire extinguishing system:

A Few of Her Favorite Things
So what exactly is this wand and why is it stored at ground-level? It is the lever for a manual bilge pump, which happens to be located directly below the Fireboy control panel (although the two are unrelated). Here is how it fits together:

Manual Bilge Pump
What my budding princess doesn't know is that I'm secretly happy she enjoys playing with this wand, for soon "m'lady" will have the noble duty of manually pumping our bilge--a good starter-chore.

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