Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lost & Found

I have the tendency to become consumed by random little things. For instance, this one time, I honked at a motorist who--for no apparent reason--wasn't turning right, even though there were no cars and turning right was the only option. Oh, and did I mention there was a tornado swirling around outside at the time? Anyway, the driver's obliviousness isn't what continues to bother me. What eats away at me is how Eric recalls the story. First, I should disclose a few more details. You see, although I was the one that honked the horn, I wasn't the one that was driving the car--Eric was. In Eric's (false) recollection of the incident, it was a beautiful day, we were leaving the mall, we pulled up behind a car that was stopped at a stop sign, and I randomly reached over and started honking the horn like a crazy person! I mean, does that make any sense at all? Why would I do that? I had never done anything like that leading up to that moment, nor have I since! It just doesn't add up. Clearly extenuating circumstances led me to take such bold action. Anyway, the details of that day aren't what this post is about--my point is that this incident happened years ago, and I still get upset when I pull up to a stop sign with Eric in the car.

My most recent fixation centers upon a missing cockpit cushion. About a year ago, while having our teak refreshed, one of our aft-cockpit cushions was whisked away by a gust of wind (it was extremely windy that week). Normally, the cushions are snapped securely into place, but because we were having work done on the boat, they were on the floor of the cockpit--unsnapped and vulnerable. The cushion's unexpected departure was upsetting for many reasons. For one, we can't just go to the store and buy a new one because our cushions are custom to our boat. We could certainly have a new cushion made, but that would be expensive and replacing an aft-cockpit cushion ranks low on our priority list. What really bothered me about the whole thing was that I knew our boat was out of balance (from an aesthetic standpoint, not literally). Just as seeing a stop sign reminds me of the tornado* incident, every time I'd see a cockpit cushion (on any boat), I'd feel a bit depressed that we were missing one of ours.

After torturing myself about the missing cushion for almost a year, a miracle happened. While out for a walk, we found our missing cushion! Well, sort of...

See It?
It was on another boat in our marina! As we approached the boat, Eric's exact words were "Oh look, they have the same kind of cushion that we do. Wait, is that our missing cushion?!" 

Lost & Found
There is no doubt in our mind that this is our missing cockpit cushion.

The boat with our missing cushion is located at the opposite end of the marina from our boat. Our best guess is that the owner(s) of this boat snagged the cushion from the water as the tide was taking it out to sea. Although we've been missing the cushion for quite some time, we don't know when in the past year they found it. For all we know, it could have just passed them by! We've walked by their boat dozens of times in the past year and have never once noticed it until now.

Since we can't get onto the pier where this boat is docked, we are working with the marina to help us get our cushion back. 

I can't even explain how excited I was to see our long-lost cushion--I was literally clapping! Eric is excited, too (although he didn't clap). While writing this post, he looked over my shoulder, saw the picture of the cushion, and anxiously exclaimed "We'd better get that cushion back!!" 

So after a year of missing our cushion, we have it in our sights (although not yet back in our possession). 

*Eric asked that I put tornado in quotes. I opted not to. 

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