Tuesday, April 9, 2013

But What About Washing the Baby?

It might surprise you to know that we have two bathrooms aboard Sea Gem. However, it probably won't surprise you to know that neither of them contains a bathtub.

Initially, we thought we would bathe Helina in our galley's sink, but because our sink is almost always in use, we figured we should look for other options. 

We ended up buying Helina a European wash pod. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? We thought so, too. That's why we bought it. Well, that, and it was small and semi-compact, so we thought it would be a good boat option. Turns out, it is basically a glorified wastepaper basket (although it is recommended by physicians and midwives as one of the best ways to wash a newborn... I'm guessing it is a fairly long list of recommendations and the pod falls at the bottom).

Here was Helina's first rub-a-dub-dub in her wastepaper basket European wash pod:

A Dip in the Pod
She hated it.

For something that is supposed to replicate the safe and secure environment of the mother's womb, it certainly seems menacing. But, maybe being in a womb is a terrifying experience... or perhaps being shoved back into one after escaping a 9-month captivity is what is so upsetting.

After a few more failed attempts at bathing Helina in this contraption, I decided we needed a bathtub. So, I made one.

The shower in the master head (bathroom) requires that you step down into the stall, which creates a mini tub that is approximately 1 foot deep. So, I simply plug the drain, fill the bottom of our shower stall with water and...voilĂ ! We have a glorious bathtub:

Splish Splash! 
OK, so this isn't exactly a bathtub. It is more or less just Helina sitting on the floor of our shower, playing with rubber duckies, while I hose her down, but hey, it works.

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