Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bored with Boarding?

We've written several posts (this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one) about the mundane topic of boarding--the act of moving from the dock to the boat.  Well, here's one more.

At our old dock, we had quite the boarding setup, including a gate, a fixed set of stairs, and a handrail.

Unfortunately, none of that transferred to our new slip.  Our new dock is much higher than our old one, so the stairs were much too high.  Our dock is also much longer, so the safe boarding point did not line up with our gate. 

Nothing aligned 
The result is that, for our first couple weeks at our new location, we've had to board without any good handholds, which is--to say the least--not the safest method, especially while holding a baby.

This weekend, we made the time to properly configure our boarding situation.  First, I installed a new gate in the lifelines to so that the boarding location on the boat lines up with the boarding location on the dock.

Next, I installed a sturdy stainless steel grab-bar on the dock.

We also tied a rope to the dock that we can use to pull the boat closer or use as an extra handhold.

Extra Help
This new configuration should do the trick.  And, if all works as planned, this may very well be our last post about least for awhile.

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