Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Bosun's Chair

Like many babies, Helina had reflux during the first months of her life. It was super gross (but thankfully not severe enough to affect her weight). At its peak, it seemed as though she spit up about 75-85% of everything she consumed. Here is Helina's reflux in action:

It was super gross (did I already say that?). To help Helina combat her reflux, Eric and I decided to call upon gravity for assistance. When Helina was about 15 weeks old, we got her a jumper. We hoped that if she could "stand" upright, gravity would do its job and more food would stay in her stomach, as opposed to being ejected all over everyone and everything.  

We purchased a doorway jumper designed to hang from within a standard doorway. Of course, since we don't have any standard doorways aboard our boat, we needed to do a little aftermarket customization.

Instead of clamping the jumper in a doorway, we hung it from one of the teak grab rails in our main salon:

Main Salon Grab Rails
These railings may not seem like much, but they are made to bear the weight of grown adults. 

At first, Helina didn't care for her new apparatus:

Discontent at 14 Weeks 5 Days
But eventually, she grew to tolerate being in the jumper for short periods of time (5-10 minutes), during which she would chew on the seat's plastic rim:

Content at 19 Weeks 1 Day
With each passing day, Helina was willing to spend more and more time in her jumper (up to 20 minutes). Recently however, Helina has begun to relish her time in it. In fact, she has even developed her own spinning technique, which she spends hours perfecting each day:

When she isn't spinning gracefully from within her little bosun's chair, she is hoping around in it like a madwoman:

Although Helina's reflux has long since past, the chair continues to be a fixture in Helina's life. It allows her freedom to move around and entertain herself, without us having to worry about where she is/what she's doing every second.

Soon, she'll be too big for her little jumper, but that is OK. We have a big-kid bosun's chair waiting for her (complete with accompanying chores).

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