Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whisked Away

I continue to check things off of my "want" list. My latest acquisition is a new whisk.

I was a late bloomer in the kitchen and as such, I came late to whisk ownership. In fact, for almost 30 years, I used a fork to do poorly what a whisk does well. In the spring of 2008, however, my life was forever changed. While making breakfast at Eric's then apartment, I used a whisk to combine ingredients for an omelet (Eric was already a veteran whisker when I met him). It was a glorious discovery. I loved the whisk. The omelet was deliciously fluffy and I never returned to fork-whisking again.

Fast forward to present time. I hate my whisk. More specifically, I hate cleaning it. I still love the feeling I get standing, bowl-in-arm, effortlessly whisking together ingredients a la Betty Crocker, but it is a short-lived pleasure. We don't own a dish washer, which means all of our dishes must be hand-washed...and a whisk is probably the most annoying kitchen tool to wash by hand (followed immediately by all electric mixer attachments). Composed of what seems like 12,000 interloping metal wires, you'd need a toothbrush and ten, extra long, creepily thin fingers to adequately wash the thing. 

So, I found a whisk that twists: 

Joseph Joseph Twist
Since it twists into a flat position after use, you can easily and thoroughly clean all of the wires by hand. And of course, because it is flat, it takes up much less space in our galley than its bulbous predecessor, which is always a good thing when you live on a boat. 

Old and New

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