Saturday, March 30, 2013

We moved!

After months of deliberation, we moved today.

Not off of Sea Gem, of course, but to another slip.  We've always liked the idea that moving would be very easy with Sea Gem--we simply go for a sail and return to a different location, with only the cars needing special arrangements.  Our move today, however, wasn't even that complicated, as we moved to a different slip in the same marina.

Why would we do this?  As it turns out, moving a couple hundred feet away makes a big difference.

First, at our old slip, our stern faced to the north, where the strongest winds come from.  Because we sleep in the stern, we sometimes get more noise and motion at night than is optimal.  In our new slip, our bow faces north, which will result in a smoother, quieter night when a wintertime cold front comes through.

Second, our old slip was close to the bridge, with lots of traffic.

Backyard Bridge
The noise wasn't much of a problem, but in the winter, when the wind is always from the north, we'd get this black dust all over the place.  It was a pain to clean, and it probably isn't all that healthy either, so moving further away from the bridge is a definite plus.

Third, Sea Gem was a a bit too big for the old slip, which was better suited for a boat 5 to 10 feet shorter.  Although we have ridden out a couple storms without trouble, we'd feel safer in a larger slip where we can tie ourselves down more securely.

Fourth, at our old slip, we were at the same pier (the large central dock with many smaller docks jutting out) as a large charter fishing boat that goes on three trips per day.  It is noisy, and maneuvering around it is extremely difficult if it is coming or going at the same time we are.  There are no commercial vessels at our new pier.

Fifth, our old pier was not very secure from intruders, as it was very easy to climb around the gate onto the pier.  There were, in fact, a few thefts on boats on our pier this past year.  Our new pier is much more secure.

Sixth, and perhaps most significantly, we decided it was time to move away from our immediate neighbor, who rents his boat out like a hotel to non-boaters. Most of the guests are pleasant, and some have even been friends, but a few have not been enjoyable, and we'd rather not have to simply hope that our neighbors won't make our lives unpleasant each weekend.  We've also had some issues with the neighboring boat nearly hitting our boat (it did hit another neighbor), as well as the general lack of maintenance of the neighboring boat, as evidenced by the constant stream of liquid coming from the holding tank vent (and on a couple of occasions, it has actually sprayed out of the vent, missing me and Moishe by only a few feet).

Rental Boat
And so we moved.  Downsides?  So far, there are a couple.  We no longer have the neighbors we liked and it is a little more money each month.  Our cars are also parked further away.  Overall, we are optimistic, and if things don't work out here, we can always move again...

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