Friday, March 15, 2013

Measuring up

Since moving aboard, I've been keeping a mental inventory of items I'd like to replace with less-bulky alternatives. While nothing on my list is pressing--it is a list of wants, not needs--since we've been living aboard for over a year, the list was getting a bit long. Thankfully, I had a birthday recently, which was the perfect excuse for making a dent in my list. First up, replacement measuring cups.

Our current measuring cups are very nice. In fact, they are so nice that pre-boat, I would have envied these cups if I hadn't already owned them myself. Sadly, their arched handles aren't ideal for storing in a drawer, which is a problem because we keep nearly all of our kitchen tools in a drawer (yes, as in one drawer). Additionally, I'm becoming less and less of a fan of having metal "stuff" on board. No matter how hard we try, we drop things on the floor, and since our floors are varnished, it is best if what we drop on them isn't made of metal.

Old OXO Measuring Cups
There are many collapsible measuring cups on the market, but surprisingly I wasn't interested in any of them. As you can see, it isn't that we don't have the room for our current set. The problem is that they take up too much space, which leaves our drawer's interior a bit messy:

Galley Tools - Before
So instead of finding something that collapsed, I wanted something that was streamlined. So, I got these:

Joseph Joseph Nesting Cups
Since these are nesting measuring cups, their handles are flush...

Compact Cups
...which makes storing them in our packed galley drawer much easier:

Galley Tools - After
And because they are plastic, I don't have to worry about them chipping our varnish if they were to fall on the floor.

I'll admit, they are a taaaaad bold color-wise. I certainly wouldn't list "blinding colors" as an advantage over our old set; however, when you combine bright colors with a soft plastic composition, you get something that cold stainless can never be--a magnificent baby toy:


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