Thursday, March 21, 2013

Galley Tools Galore!

If you've been reading our blog since before we moved aboard, you know that we replaced many of our kitchen necessities with boat-friendly versions prior to moving aboard Sea Gem. However, some things, like our measuring cups, we didn't replace because we figured we'd be able to stash them somewhere, whereas our old pots and pans were something we knew we wouldn't be able to fit on board.

I'm now in the stage of replacing non-necessities with things that are a better fit (quite literally) for a boat even though we've been able to manage without them just fine.

Next items to replace? Random kitchen tools.

Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with our current collection of kitchen tools. They are well made and they work just fine; however, we live in a very small space (one that gets smaller and smaller as our daughter becomes increasingly mobile), so keeping it clutter-free is a necessity. Although our kitchen tools are very nice looking, given our space limitations, they would look a lot better in a drawer. Since we don't have an available drawer, I got new tools.

We stash our cooking tools in a utensil crock by our stove. It is convenient, but the result is a jumbled mass of stainless and silicone that is difficult to navigate. It is frustrating to have everything right in front of you, yet not be able to find what you're looking for. And for heightened drama, somewhere lurking within this mass is our pie cutter, which is guaranteed to slice your hand regardless of what you are reaching for.

To keep our galley clutter-free and easy to navigate, I replaced the bulk of our galley tools...''

Old Galley Tools
With something a bit more streamline:

Nest Utensils by Joseph Joseph 
Magnetic Closure
The set contains a spatula, pasta server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and soup ladle, yet only takes up as much room as any one of these items.

The result? A slightly more organized feel to our galley:


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