Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Captain's Chair

We have been feeding Helina "solids" for a little over a month. She took to eating from a spoon almost immediately (meaning she opens her month when a food-filled spoon is presented to her). Now that her feedings involve more than just a milk-filled bottle, we figured it was time to get our growing babe a highchair.

Although I'm not a fan of most baby gear, I have to admit, there are some really attractive highchairs out there. Sadly, none of them are compatible with a sailboat. Yes, they make highchairs that fold up, but this only solves the issue of storage. It doesn't address the bigger problem--tipping over. In general, the movement of the boat is minimal, but every now and then, we find our home rocking and rolling, and a high chair (as in a really high chair) is probably the worst possible type of chair to be sitting in when this happens.

So, we got a clip-on chair that attaches to the table in our salon:

Inglesina Fast Table Chair
Helina is oblivious to the fact that she eats her meals suspended in mid-air:

"Out to Lunch"
Since Helina's chair is clamped securely onto the table (which is bolted to the floor), even if the boat were to move abruptly, the chair wouldn't topple over. 

The chair works well in the cockpit, too:

Jr. Captain's Chair
And since the chair folds flat, it can be stored almost anywhere. We keep it stashed behind one of our recliners:

Out of sight, out of mind
This is one awesome little chair. It is extremely well made, takes up almost no space, and is safe for a boat. Best of all, it is portable. We can bring it with us to restaurants, so Helina doesn't have to sit in a grubby communal chair that is coated in other children's filth--she'll have her own, private chair coated in Helina-specific filth.

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