Saturday, February 9, 2013

High Tea on the High Sea

A long time ago, one of my sisters told me that the best gift she ever received (as an adult) was an electric kettle. Although she's not a coffee or tea drinker, she said she used the kettle all of the time--for what exactly remains unclear (I'm guessing ramen), but I took her word for it. And, when the opportunity to purchase my very own electric tea kettle arose (a sale at Bloomingdale's), I jumped at the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

Eric and I had our electric kettle for several years and used it on a daily basis for coffee (pre-Nespresso), tea, cocoa--basically anything requiring a small amount of boiling water. We used our kettle so much that even though it wasn't compact, we made sure it came with us when we moved aboard Sea Gem.

As Eric explained in an earlier post, for various reasons, we stopped making a pot of coffee each morning, and because I was pregnant, I also stopped drinking tea. Kettle usage dwindled. One day, I realized that the only time I actually touched the kettle was to move it out of my way. Upon realizing this, I decided to permanently move our can't-live-without appliance into the deep, dark depths of a storage cupboard.

Recently, however, I've incorporated tea back into my life, but since I'm not drinking it with any regularity, I've resisted the urge to dig the electric kettle out of its current location. To heat the water, I've been using our microwave. And, while it certainly gets the job done, there is something rather un-poetic about using a microwave as part of--what should be--a sophisticated ritual. The entire process leaves me feeling a bit sad. I don't want a cup of tea made with microwave-boiled water. I want a cup of tea made with tea kettle-boiled water.

So I got a tea kettle:

Little teapot, short and stout 
Of course, like most of our stuff, the kettle collapses:

Little teapot, short and flat
Best of all, since it's compact, it need not be confined to the stove top. We're keeping it in a drawer, stove-side:

 Off duty kettle
It's no electric kettle, but as far as space-savers go, this just might be my favorite. 

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