Sunday, February 3, 2013


Although we didn't have any children when we decided to live on a sailboat, we knew we wanted to have at least one, so as we planned for life aboard, we tried to imagine how living aboard would be with a child.

There were obvious things we thought about--like keeping children from falling into the water, but I also had other fears. Although many adults seem to appreciate our life afloat, based on some of the questions we get ("Do you have a bathroom?" "Where do you shower?" "Do you have electricity?" "How do you cook?"), I have no doubt that some people think we are a couple of weirdos who eat their meals out of aluminum cans. I worried (and still worry) that other parents wouldn't let their children come over for play dates or birthday parties. I worry that when Helina gets older, her peers will make fun of her because she lives on a boat. The adult in me understands that being different from everyone else is actually a positive thing (hello, awesome subject matter for a college admissions essay), but I also remember being a kid and wanting desperately to fit in and be liked. So, I worry.  

The other weekend, however, my fears were eased. Two young visitors stayed with us aboard Sea Gem--my nephew and niece, who are 11 and 9 respectively. I don't think I've heard the declaration, "This is awesome!" more times in my life. 

So, I'm feeling a bit better. I have high hopes for Helina's peers (and their parents). If they are anything like my niece and nephew, they'll appreciate what living on a boat is all about--relaxing and enjoying life's simple pleasures:

Sunset from aboard Sea Gem
Awesome, it is. 


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