Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When we bought Sea Gem, the galley came furnished with several wall-mounted wooden spice racks, which are the perfect size for storing traditional spice jars. Unfortunately, we don't own traditional spice jars. Instead, we have an abundance of wide-bottomed glass spice jars that are just large that they don't fit into the wooden holders. Because the racks couldn't accommodate our jars, they remained empty until this past summer when we began using them to store sleeves of Nespresso pods:

Repurposed Spice Racks
Recently, however, we've been using a few of the racks to store something much less addictive--baby food:

Repurposed, Again.
The racks are the perfect shape and size for holding all sorts of baby food containers, and since we were previously using the racks only as overflow storage for Nespresso pods, we haven't had to give up any of our precious cupboard space in order to accommodate Helna's baby food (we've just been making more frequent trips to the Nespresso store). 

Eventually, our daughter will be able to eat actual food (as opposed to the unseasoned mush known as baby food) and we'll restore the racks to their previous use--pod storage. 

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