Wednesday, December 12, 2012

But What About a Christmas Tree?

We're Jewish.

However, unlike celebrating Christmas on a boat, which would only pose logistical challenges (Where do you hide the presents? Where does the tree go? How will Santa enter? Are reindeer's hooves non-marking?), celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights (open flames), on a boat--particularly one with a mostly wooden interior--was shaping up to be a rather harrowing event (oy).

Thankfully, just like the Christmas tree, which is no longer adorned with actual candles, menorahs have evolved, too. Here is our new, electric menorah that arrived yesterday afternoon--halfway through Hanukkah (the brilliant idea of getting an electric menorah didn't occur to us until after the holiday was already upon us):

It's Electric!
At first, the idea of an electric menorah seemed kind of cheesy, but then I remembered that I hate scraping dried wax off of wooden surfaces (or any surface for that matter), at which time I fell in love with the idea of an electric menorah.

Amazon had several styles to choose from, but ultimately we settled on the menorah pictured above because its flickering bulbs gave the illusion of a real flame, which made it feel very menorah-y (plus, its low profile makes for easy storage).

So now, instead of our usual Hanukkah tradition of heading to bed under threat of house fire (or boat fire, as the case may be), we simple turn off our menorah and go to sleep.  

Happy Holidays!

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