Monday, December 10, 2012

A Bed Fit for a King

Before moving onto Sea Gem, Eric and I tried very hard to anticipate what life aboard a sailboat would be like and plan accordingly. Of course, without any real context, some of our preparation and purchases turned out to be unnecessary or not a great fit (in some cases quite literally).

The process for preparing for a baby to arrive was extremely reminiscent of preparing for life as a live-aboard.  Once again, we found ourselves making plans and buying things according to assumptions, even though we had no true understanding of what the future held. And, much like when we moved aboard, we discovered that certain things we purchased were spot on, while other things we bought proved useless.

For obvious reasons, one thing we felt obligated to buy before Helina arrived was some sort of bed for her to sleep in. Although we didn't immediately purchase a crib, we did get a bassinet co-sleeper, which we intended for her to sleep in, in our bed, for the first 3 months of her life (which is something I now find hilarious considering she was out of our bed almost immediately).

Despite the co-sleeper not working out as we had hoped (having it in bed with us), we thought we could at least use it like a traditional bassinet. We were wrong. Although the co-sleeper is well constructed and appears to be a great product, it just didn't work for our baby. So, after only a few nights, Helina was out of the bassinet and sleeping--like a baby--in her bouncer, while the barely used co-sleeper was set aside...until now.

Fur Baby
Yes, our tiny pup has a fabulous new bed! His compact little body fits rather nicely in Helina's former bassinet. Moishe is thoroughly enjoying his new bed, which is quite the upgrade from the tattered pillow on which he used to sleep.

Moishe spends a significant portion of his day reminding us that he is still the baby of the family--and he now has the bed to prove it.

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