Tuesday, November 13, 2012

T minus 9 days 'till Thanksgiving

Most people are surprised to learn that we cook (in a normal fashion) aboard Sea Gem. People presume we eat, but they seem to believe the method we use to prepare our food most closely resembles what happens at a camp site as opposed to what is done on the Food Network. Even upon seeing our galley, which is quite large for a sailboat, people remain doubtful. Not surprisingly, people are shocked when they learn that, this year, we intend to have Thanksgiving aboard Sea Gem.

Preparations are already underway. The menu is set, the list of ingredients is made, and our plan for undertaking this feast has been drafted. Right now, my task at hand is keeping our refrigerator free of excess food so there is room to fill it with Thanksgiving-related necessities and staples for our guests.  

Sea Gem has a beautiful refrigerator that, for a boat, is substantial in size:

Double-door refrigerator
Prior to moving aboard Sea Gem, I was worried that our refrigerator and freezer space wouldn't have the capacity to support a normal supply of food. Although what we have is not nearly as large as any land-based version, our two-part refrigerator suites our needs. The top portion of the fridge is where we store our food:

Interior of top fridge
And bottom portion is where we keep drinks, particularly beer:

Drink storage
Although the top portion of our fridge is looking good space-wise, the bottom portion needs a bit of work. Clearly, if I'm going to cram a turkey in there, Eric and I are going to need to drink a lot of beer in the next few days...


  1. i would volunteer my services to help you properly dispose of those beverages if i wasn't so far away

  2. save some for january if ND wins this Saturday!