Monday, November 5, 2012

Itty Bitty Micro Mini

Prior to moving aboard our sailboat, Eric and I spent a lot of time searching the Internet for space-saving alternatives to our various household items. Our research led us to purchase many new things, like cups, mugs, plates, pots & pans, hangers--even musical instruments.  Thankfully, everything we bought has served us well and we no longer spend our time actively shopping for space-savers...until last week.

The other day, the travel hairdryer that I had been using since we moved aboard exploded. It was even more terrifying than you might imagine, as I was standing in a puddle of water when it happened. Needless to say, I left for work that morning sporting a wet ponytail. 

I, of course, was devastated. I wasn't upset about losing the actual hairdryer, rather I was disappointed about having to spend money on a replacement for something that gives me no pleasure whatsoever. I was also worried that finding a hairdryer that fit my strict size and wattage (900W-1,000W) criteria would be difficult. 

Although Target didn't have any hairdryers that fit the bill, Amazon did: 

BaByliss Pro TT
The reviews for this item said it was small, and the pictures indicated it was tiny, but even with all this information, I still wasn't prepared for the actual size of this hairdryer. It is shockingly small. When I opened the box from Amazon, my exact words were "OH MY GOD! What is this?!" The dryer is so small  it can fit inside of a mug (and our mugs are smaller than whatever mug you're likely drinking from):

8 oz Dryer
Despite its toy-like appearance and low wattage, it is a powerful hairdryer. And, although I didn't buy it for travel, I have no doubt it would be easy to shove into a suitcase (or your pocket), as the dryer literally fits in the palm of your hand:

Tiny Dryer!
Overall I'm pleased with my new hairdryer. It requires almost no space, is energy efficient (1,000W), works well, and so far, it hasn't exploded.

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