Friday, September 28, 2012

The Grass isn't Always Greener

In general, there really isn't much that Eric or I miss about living on land; however, ever now and then, I find myself missing a yard--the idea of a yard anyway. I don't miss having to mow grass, weed a garden, mulch, rake leaves, etc., but I do miss having a yard to look at and play in.

Well, I must have been good lately because the universe sent me a yard!

Sea Gem's Side Yard
And what a fine yard it is! Yes, this gorgeous side yard developed overnight and as it floated past our slip, it became wedged in between our boat, our neighbor's boat, and our finger pier. It is a delightful addition to the neighborhood.

Of course, by delightful, what I really mean is hideous. You see, our new yard isn't so much a yard as it is a garbage dump. And of course, by garbage dump, what I really mean is cesspool.

The really great news about the yard is that it has attracted wildlife--birds. Of course, the birds aren't hanging out in our "yard." They have taken up residence on our mast and have turned our deck into their preferred place to poop. We really enjoy having them there.

Helina, Moishe, and I pass the time playing "I spy" in our new yard. Here are some of our most recent finds:

A Water Bottle

A Plastic Lid

A Soggy Orange

Mini Plastic Pop Bottle
A Coconut

Chip Bag

A Boat Shoe (potentially a foot -- I did not investigate)

A Plastic Pill Bottle

General Debris and Organic Matter
The other day, the current picked up and our yard floated away. With it left the stench of rotting garbage and  of course, the birds. We are once again without a yard and we couldn't be happier.

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