Monday, September 10, 2012

Captain Cutie

I spend a bit too much of my time searching the internet for nautical-themed infant and toddler clothing. However, since Helina's closet doesn't have the capacity to hold everything I find, I must limit my purchases to only the cutest sailing outfits.

From time to time, Helina will share some of her favorite wardrobe pieces with our readers. First up--a timeless nautical look.

As captain of our ship, Helina was in need of a proper uniform. This striped cotton onesie fit the bill, and is Helina's go-to outfit for sailing.

Captain Cutie by Carter's
Although many shy away from horizontal stripes because they accentuate a person's mid-section, Helina embraces them. She believes the illusion created by the stripes counterbalances her humongous head (a feature she admits makes her a bit self-conscious).

While this is a classic nautical look, Helina broke with tradition by letting her diaper peek through the leg holes. (Personally, I find the exposed diaper look to be a bit dated. Very 2001.)

Helina completes her ensemble with a rather unconventional pairing--cowboy boots. While not the best choice for walking on-deck, these western favorites help Helina keep her crew in line. Nothing silences a mutinous sailor like a swift kick in the butt by a chubby baby leg wielding a pair of cowboy boots.

Helina may look intimidating in her captain's outfit, but she doesn't take herself too seriously. The crab applique covering her rear end lets her crew know that although she is tough, she still has a sense of humor:

Crabby Bottom

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