Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arts & Crafts

Now that Helina has a crib and will be spending more time in her nursery, Eric and I figured it was time to get her a mobile. Unfortunately, all of the ones I liked were much too bulky for her small nursery. So, instead of buying something from a store, we decided to make her an appropriately sized ocean-themed mobile ourselves.

When I was little, I enjoyed fishing--mostly because I was intrigued by fishing lures (I still am). They are bright, detailed, sparkly, and extremely colorful. Essentially, they are the perfect ornament for a child's mobile (particularly if that child lives on a boat).

To make the mobile, we first needed supplies. Eric and I went to Bass Pro to buy the necessary components: lures, a hand reel, and fishing line.

Making the mobile was relativity easy. First, we removed the hooks from the lures:

De-hooked lures
Next, we drilled small, evenly spaced holes in the hand reel:

Finally, using fishing line, we suspended the lures from the hand reel and hung the completed mobile above Helina's crib:

Fishing Lure Mobile
Since there is going to be a lot of fishing in Helina's future, we thought it would be good to indoctrinate her to the sport at a young age. Hopefully, this mobile will do the trick.

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