Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Been a Year!

Exactly one year ago today, Eric, Moishe, and I moved aboard Sea Gem and set sail for Miami, FL. It has been an eventful year for our family--we sold nearly all of our worldly possessionsbought a boatsaid goodbye to our land-based life, moved to a new city, and welcomed our first child into the world.

Since neither Eric nor I had ever lived on a boat prior to August of last year, in the months leading up to moving aboard, we spent a significant amount of time preparing for the unknown and hoping that everything would work out as we anticipated (and for the most part it has).

Recently, a friend of ours asked what we thought was the most unexpected part about living on a boat. Both Eric and I agreed that the most surprising part about living on a boat was how normal it is (for us at least).

In a lot of ways, our water-based life is indistinguishable from our former, land-based life--we still have jobs, cars, etc. However, in some ways, our life is even more "normal" than it was before. For instance, for the first time since childhood, both Eric and I feel like we live in an real neighborhood, even though we don't. I can't remember the last time I knew any of my neighbors by their legal name (as opposed to the nicknames I gave them, like "creepy guy that smells like cabbage" or "lady with 1,000 cats"). Not only do we have neighbors on our pier (whose first and last names we know), everyone living and working at the marina is extremely friendly and sociable. For the first time, we are having engaging conversations with our neighbors, as opposed to in the past when we'd just exchanging robotic nods with them.

Although our first year living aboard Sea Gem brought many surprises, it is safe to say that the one thing Eric and I were not expecting to encounter was normalcy.

Moishe, Krissy (Helina), Eric, and Sea Gem

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