Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Diaper Duty

Our boat is completely enclosed, which is great for safety, but not so great when applied to other things, like smelly garbage. Prior to the baby's arrival, we ensured a "fragrance-free" boat by taking our trash out at least once a day. While I'm sure that sounds like a huge inconvenience to house-dwellers, it is hardly a chore for us. Our pier has heavy-duty garbage bins located every few yards, which are emptied by the marina staff on a frequent--if not daily--basis. Whenever we venture off the boat, we simply toss our trash bag into one of our pier's many bins and it is whisked away.

Of course, having a baby changes everything. Unlike Eric and I, who produce minimal garbage, babies produce mounds of stinky diapers. We knew that bringing a baby aboard put us at risk for having a boat that smelled like the interior of a septic tank.

To get rid of Helina's diapers, we planned to follow the same procedure we use for our regular trash; however, we (1) weren't certain that our once-a-day visit to the outside bins would be enough to ensure a fresh-smelling boat, and (2) we didn't want gobs of poopy diapers sitting in the outside bins marinating in the summer heat of Miami.

So, like most new parents, we got a diaper pail. We were hesitant to buy something so bulky, but we figured keeping our boat smelling fresh offset any inconvenience caused by the size of the can itself.

Not only is our diaper pail perfect for disposing of diapers, it may just be the perfect garbage can for a boat. Although it is very easy for us to dispose of our trash while docked, when at sea, there are few options and, assuming you don't litter, things can get a bit stinky. Although we currently use our diaper pail exclusively for diapers, there is no reason it couldn't be used to hold other forms of trash. And, unlike regular garbage cans, this diaper pail is engineered to keep smells locked in--and it actually works. Here's how:

(1) Dirty diapers are shoved into the pail through the cinched opening:

Arm & Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail
(2) As the lid closes, baking soda is dispensed into the bag containing the dirty diapers and the bag is twisted shut. Here are some interior shots of the can in action:

Interior View

Sealing Mechanism 
(3) Once the bag is full, you simply open the door to the pail (as shown above) and remove the blue diaper-containing bag, which locks shut, so smells can't escape:

Full Bag of Dirty Diapers
Our diaper pail was money well spent! And, although our daughter seems to smell of curdled milk at all times, at least our boat doesn't reek of soiled diapers.

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