Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby's First Trip to West Marine

Prior to living on a boat, one of my favorite things to do was browse home improvement stores and interior design boutiques. Now that we no longer live in a house, these type of stores are much less applicable to our life. Although we occasionally still visit stores like Home Depot, for the most part, whenever we need something for our "home," we head to West Marine.

Today was Helina's first trip to West Marine (outside of the womb)--and not just any West Marine--we took her to the West Marine mega store in Ft. Lauderdale. Helina was so excited to shop that, upon entering the store, she became overwhelmed with emotion and pooped her pants! Thankfully, Eric and I did not have the same (explosive) reaction upon walking through the entrance (of course, this wasn't our first trip to the mega store)...

Helina Under Cover
Despite Helina's initial reaction, it was a successful shopping trip and overall memorable day.


  1. I love it. Congrats on beautiful Helina and the rest of your wonderful crew! The sea gem looks like a good craft and I'm looking forward to hearing about your sailing adventures.
    I used to sail in Chicago as a crew member and then on my dad's boat - they are some of my favorite memories. Enjoy and take care!!

  2. Thank you, Marian! We are having a great time. I had no idea you were a sailor. You are welcome to come sailing with us anytime!