Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby's First Sail!

Our hiatus from sailing is over! At just 2 weeks old, Helina took her maiden voyage aboard Sea Gem. Accompanying her on her first sail were my parents, Moishe, Eric, and I. With my parents on board, our ship contained 10 watchful eyes, 8 free hands, 4 sailors, 2 physicians, 1 certified babysitter, 1 non-certified (although experienced) babysitter, 1 former lifeguard, and several strong swimmers--a pretty good combination to ensure a safe first outing for our tiny sailor.

Before setting sail, we stuffed Helina into her life jacket, which was no easy task:

Securing Our Precious Cargo
Initially, she was a bit unsure about her new attire; however, once Eric adjusted the straps, she seemed at home in her puffy pink suit:

Ready to Set Sail

With the exception of a slight rigging malfunction (a few lines and pieces of sailing hardware had been moved so our teak could be refinished and they weren't reassembled correctly), Helina's first sail was rather uneventful. In fact, she spent the majority of the day lounging in the cockpit, sleeping on various laps and in her car seat:
Helina's Portable Captain's Chair
Moishe Watching Over Helina
At the Helm with Mom and Dad
It was a bit daunting setting sail with such a delicate passenger, but Helina took to the water like a natural. And while we hope our next sail is as uneventful as Helina's first, we look forward to future sails in which Helina is actually awake.


  1. Love it! She looks adorable in that jacket:)

  2. Thanks, Ryan. I was expecting her to be really fussy in it, but she actually didn't seem to mind it being on!

  3. with the way it supports the head, I think I'd enjoy an adult sized vest...

  4. haha - we were actually talking about how funny it would be if they made adult versions that were proportionally the same as the infant ones.