Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby's First Hurricane

Well... it is that time of year again: hurricane season. Technically, it's been hurricane season since June, but now is the time of year when there is a lot of action. Over the next few days, we're expecting the arrival of our first big storm of the year: Isaac.

Thankfully, we're prepared. Well, sort of. Back in June, we loaded up on canned food, so we'd have a stockpile for emergencies. Until (late) this afternoon, this was the extent of our preparation:

Food Stash 
We are much more prepared now. Around 4pm, Eric began stripping the boat of all canvases, which would be the first to go in a big storm. Our boat now looks a bit nude, but a little exposure is a small price to pay to ensure our canvas and cockpit covers aren't whisked away by a gust of wind (in fact, we had a minor wind causality during preparation when a cloth bag blew away).

Sea Gem in the Nude
Next, we dug out our spare fenders, inflated them, and positioned them for impact. Before the storm comes, we'll tie up the boat in such a way that our boat will sit in the middle of the slip, so hopefully, these guys won't see any action:

Spare XL Fenders 
Ready for Impact
While Eric slaved away on deck making sure we (and the boat) were safe and secure, I was down below doing something equally important--deciding which hotel we should stay at in the off chance we need to seek more stable accommodations (I was also watching the baby).

Although it is unlikely Isaac will reach us as anything more than a tropical storm, we will be prepared for the worst. 

Now, we wait. 

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