Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Wardrobe in Waiting

Eric and I were cautious about buying Helina too many clothes before she was born (mostly because we didn't know what size she'd be at birth and didn't want to end up with an abundance of infant-sized clothes that were too small for her to ever wear). Even with our restraint, in just 4 short weeks, our daughter has amassed a rather substantial pint-sized wardrobe.

Although Helina's nursery is small, within it is a closet and built-in dresser. Prior to our daughter's arrival, I had envisioned all of her clothes fitting neatly into one dresser drawer. After all, babies are tiny--how much space could their clothes possibly require? As it turns out, a lot.

Eric and I are experts at managing the size of a wardrobe and storing it in a compact space. We condensed our own large wardrobes before moving aboard, so figuring out what to do with Helina's clothes wasn't challenging. To most effectively use the space in Helina's nursery, I opted to hang the majority of her clothes in her closet.

First, I bought a miniaturized version of the hangers that Eric and I use to keep our closet organized:

Baby Slimline Hangers
Next, I hung the majority of her clothes in her closet:

Helina's Closet's Interior
Although my preference is to organize by color, since size is much more relevant in the infant world, Helina's clothes are organized by month, which correlates to size (and at age 32, I'm thankful that this age/size measure no longer holds true).

Even with her clothes neatly organized, there is still a lot of other nursery gear that needs storing. Thankfully, Helina's clothes aren't very long, so even with them hanging, there is still enough room in her closet to hoard excessive amounts of diaper wipes, diapers, etc.

Overall, the storage of Helina's clothes has worked out somewhat as I'd planned. All of the clothes she is currently wearing (size 0M-3M) are folded neatly in one dresser drawer. Once she grows out of them, they will be removed from the drawer, donated (although I'm sure we'll save a few favorites), and replaced by the next size up--a rotation I anticipate us relying on for the next 16-17 years.

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