Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nautical Nursery

Although our baby hasn't arrived yet, a nautical-themed room awaits her. Our starboard stateroom is all set for a tiny sailor to come aboard.

The plush bedding formerly covering the bunks has been replaced with kid-friendly, sea-themed blankets and pillows:

Since I don't know what our little girl is going to be like (a girly-girl? a tomboy? none of the above?), I bought a mixed bag of ocean-themed decor I hope she'll find appealing.

The top bunk has pirate bedding:

And the bottom bunk is mermaid-themed:

Although the nursery is small in size, it is extremely functional. We even have a changing station:

It was nearly impossible to find a changing pad that fit the dimensions of the built-in shelf pictured above. Everything we found in stores was much too large (and was a bit pricey for something destined to be covered in pee and poop). Thank goodness for Ikea. They sell an inexpensive inflatable changing pad that fits perfectly in our little nursery.

To make the room feel complete, I scoured Etsy for youthful wall art to complement our aquatic nursery. I decided upon these prints of an octopus and whale from Lily Cole Designs

So, the nursery is complete--it just needs a baby!

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