Sunday, July 22, 2012

Her Majesty's Ship

It is official--Moishe has been demoted. Our ship's former (furry) baby, is now just a dog. He had a good run while it lasted, but as of this week, we have a new crew member, and poor little Moishe is officially outranked. Introducing Sea Gem's newest officer, Helina (he-LEE-nuh), our daughter:

Helina in the Commander's Hat
We know that a lot of couples struggle when selecting a name for their child, but Eric and I settled on 'Helina' rather quickly. In the Jewish faith, it is traditional to name children after deceased relatives. Helina is based on 'Helen,' which is a name found on both sides of our family tree. Helina's middle name starts with an "M," and since our last name begins with an "S," her initials are H.M.S.

While it was not our intent that she have such nautical initials, we determined it was a sign that we picked the right name for someone destined to sail. And, although I'm not a huge fan of referring to little girls as princesses, I suppose I'm OK with sarcastically referring to ours as "Her Majesty."

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