Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sailing Sabbatical

It's official--we, or rather, I, can't go sailing anymore until after the baby is born (and weighs enough to wear her new life jacket). Although I feel fine and am not having much difficulty maneuvering about the boat, sailing at this point in my pregnancy wouldn't be a good idea. It could be unsafe for a variety of reasons, especially if I were to go into labor. To be sure, at my last doctor's appointment, I asked my OB if I could sail at 37 weeks, and after a brief chuckle, he confirmed that I'd be better off staying put for the time being.

Although I am disappointed we won't be going sailing for awhile, the timing actually couldn't be better. Currently, we are in the process of having our exterior teak refinished (pictures to come), and since we need to keep the exposed teak from coming into contact with saltwater, Sea Gem can't go out anyway. On top of that, Miami has been experiencing a tremendous amount of rain lately, so even if I weren't pregnant, we'd still be stuck at the dock.

So, for now, we are tied up at the marina waiting for the baby to arrive. Although our current situation is less than exciting, we are happy knowing that the next time we head out for a sail, our daughter will be with us.

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