Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moishe's Pending Demotion

Moishe, our fearless dog, has grown quite accustomed to living aboard Sea Gem over the past 11 months.  He has mastered climbing in and out of the cabin, scampering around deck, and staying out of the ocean.  And, it took awhile to find a good space for him to rest, he has finally settled into his "den," the empty space beneath the navigation/office desk. 

Overall, Moishe has a predictable, comfortable life.

His life is about to radically change, of course.  Although he now runs the show most of the time, in less than two weeks, our daughter will be here, and Moishe is about to be pushed down a rung or two.  He won't be the center of attention, he won't have free reign of the boat, and it is just a matter of time before the baby is able to crawl right into his den and start rearranging his belongings (a tattered pillow and a few slobbery rubber toys).  

Can Moishe share the spotlight?  Time will tell. 

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