Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making Room for Baby

Despite the fact that we are rapidly closing in on the baby's estimated birth date, up until this past weekend, Eric and I really hadn't done much in the way of preparing for her arrival. We had made a thorough list of items we wanted to get, but we hadn't actually pulled the trigger and purchased anything (other than socks and a few sailing outfits). So, in order to feel a bit more prepared, we ventured to the suburbs with the mission to buy baby gear. The number one item on our list? A bassinet.

After we explain to people that we are not going to move off the boat when the baby arrives, the first question we are asked about is where the baby will sleep. At first, we planned to buy a small crib and put it in our main salon (living room/dining room). However, in addition to not wanting our salon to resemble a nursery, we also knew it would be best if, at least for the first few months, the baby slept in our room in a bassinet.

As you can see from the image below, our room, while large for a sailboat, isn't large enough to accommodate a traditional bassinet:

As such, we can't get a traditional bassinet. We (very) briefly considered using a dresser drawer as a make-shift bed for the baby, but decided against it, as we felt we were already pushing the limits of societal acceptance by living on a boat. Instead, we opted for the slightly more socially acceptable Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper, which is a bassinet designed to fit on the master bed (in between the parents):

So, for the first few months, our daughter will sleep snuggled (safely) in between the two of us. After she is a bit bigger, she'll move into the nursery, which will eventually house a small crib.

Until the baby arrives, I am working to transform our starboard stateroom into something that resembles a baby's room. So far, we have a changing station, complete with diapers and wipes, and some nautical-themed bedding (not that the baby will be sleeping in the bunk beds anytime soon):

So, we made a bit of progress this past weekend. Although we still aren't ready for our daughter to arrive just yet, should she, we could at least change a few poopy diapers. 


  1. My parents used to put me in a dresser drawer, especially when traveling to visit the rest of the family! I think we even have a picture of Chloe in a drawer just for my mom!

  2. They are the perfect size for babies!

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