Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coffee Service Begins at 0700.

We are both coffee drinkers.  When we first moved aboard Sea Gem, we would make coffee every morning using whole beans, a coffee grinder, and a french press.  Not the quickest method of making coffee, but using whole beans and a french press makes really good coffee.  On the other hand, the process is time consuming (ten minutes is an eternity when getting ready for work in the morning), and cleaning the french press in a boat sink without a garbage disposal is about as irritating a daily task as I can think of.

Once Krissy became pregnant and stopped drinking anything with caffeine, I simply gave up making coffee every morning.  Grinding beans, boiling water, using the french press, and--most of all--washing the french press was just too much work for a single couple of coffee.  Instead, I waited until I got to work and had a cup (or three) there.  Not as nice as a nice cup of coffee before leaving for the day, but clearly better than all the work that went into making coffee at home.  With a baby (and a lack of sleep) on the way, we clearly needed to to find a better way to make coffee.

Enter the Nespresso, a fantastic baby gift (albeit not for the baby) courtesy of one of my co-workers.  The Nespresso makes a fantastic cup of coffee at the press of a button and clean-up is as easy as throwing away the used pods every few days.  Our machine, the Pixie, takes up no more space than the electric kettle we used to use to boil water for the french press, and it fits neatly on a shelf in the galley--nothing needs to be moved, set up, or cleaned, and a fresh cup of coffee is never more than arm's reach and a few seconds away.  We also have the Aeroccino, a tiny machine that quickly whips milk into a thick foam.  Frothed milk is something that we would never make manually, and what's more, the machine is a cinch to clean.

(From left: coffee pods, Nespresso Pixie, Aeroccino)
The result is that coffee first thing in the morning is once again part of my daily routine, and capuccino (decaf for now) is now part of Krissy's:

Compared to all of devices we used to need to make a cup of coffee, the Nespresso is a space-saver that has quickly become one of our favorite additions to Sea Gem.

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